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Oil on Canvas 

2023 ​- 2024

A study of the concepts within particle physics and Scalar / Quantic Fields.

Explorations of in Biology & Particle Physics concepts by the artist.


The approach to these complex matters of physics via an infantile playful composition contains a certain poetic sense.


The works from the 'Fields' series have been donated to the Association Epione.

We are dedicated to promoting art with a purpose.

We believe in giving back to society. All profits made from the sale of the artworks and merchandise are given to the association to support patients and families.


Association Epione provides support and a space of well being to  patients and their families.

TheProjects ambition in the south of France - Providing adaptive therapies in a relaxing and regenerating environment.

Association Epione. N° W313037742 LINK

All works sent with Certificate of Authentic and Declaration of Donation.


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