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Body & Soul

Figurative works

Oil on Canvas.

2016 - 2020

Works from the Body & Soul / The Thread series included in the ''Ella a 7 Chaves''  performance by Georgia Palomino.



Georgia Palomino is the only one of the three dancers who resides in the city - Daniela and Gilsamara - although born here - hold positions at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). Georgia opens the program with "Ella a 7 chaves", a character that this creative interpreter idealized and has been getting space and admirers in Araraquara, in addition to being successful on social networks and the internet.

Directed by Weber Fonseca, "Ella a 7 chaves" brings the character dancing unveiled secrets, symbolic and imagery confessions. Ella comes to raise awareness, believing and proving that otherness is also a weapon of struggle.


For Ella, the secrets are kept under seven keys and each key opens the communication between the worlds. Thus, performer and audience share impressions and emotions. "Ella a 7 chaves" with body preparation by Tânia Gomes Mendonça and illustrations by Peter Pitout.

Georgia Palomino is a dancer, performer, teacher at the Municipal School of Dance Iracema Nogueira, graduated in History from UNESP, postgraduate in Teaching in Art Teaching from UNIARA. The artist developed works with several artists, among them: Grupo Gestus, Sheila Ribeiro, Christine De Smedt and Gícia Amorim.



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