Peter Pitout is a South African artist, born in 1977 in Durban and currently living in the south of France.

A graduate of industrial art and design in 1995.

He moved to London, UK and experimented with several mediums before focusing on oil painting as his main mode of expression. 

In 2003, he moved to the south of France and obtained a professional qualification in silkscreen printing. 

His art addresses subjects that appeal to human identity and form, as well as to abstract landscapes found in physics.

Having spent his childhood on the shores of Durban in South Africa, 

Peter Pitout's works are undeniably influenced by his roots. 

The artist's works are imbued with the colors and intensity of African landscapes. For the painter, the process of creation is a way to rediscover his inner roots and develop a unique visual aesthetic.

From South Africa to the south of France via London, Peter Pitout has developed a style of his own and allowed him to participate in several exhibitions in France, and art residencies in France, Germany and Finland.

Artist Statement

Often referencing physics and metaphysics, my work explores the varying relationships between philosophy, surreal concepts and the modern digital age.

Engaging subjects as diverse as particle physics, meditation and intimacy, my work reproduces familiar visuals and symbolism, arranging them into new conceptually layered images.

While I use a variety of materials and processes within my body of work , I naturally return to oil paint. I enjoy studying modern concepts with this ancient lense.

My series of works are linked by recurring observations of the current time  and through the study of subject matter.   The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the formats of the work.  Each project often consists of multiple works, grouped around a specific theme. 

Expositions / Residence


04/2021 L'art en Devanture, Fronton, France  

01/2021 Al - Tiba9  Future is Today, Barcelona,Spain  

08/2020 CIRCLE Foundation for the Arts - CFA Affiliate Artist  

07/2020 TAKT Art Residency , Berlin 

10/2019 Y.I.A Paris Cotemporary Art Show, Paris 

09/2019 Residence Back to Basics, Arteles Creative Centre

03/2019 Galerie Terrain Vague, C'est beau a Voir ?


10/2018 Galerie du Vache Noire, Paris

2014-Present Conservatoire national de la chevalerie. Saint Bertrand des Comminges

2014 Espace Germaine Chaumel, Blagnac


2013 Semaine des Arts, Aucamville


2012 L'Estaminet - Toulouse

2012 Galerie des Carmes  -Toulouse


2011 Semaine des Arts - Aucamville


2010 Next Galerie d'Art - Toulouse

2010 Galerie Artmonti - Paris


2009 Artistes de demain - Touquet

2009 L'Ombre des  Arts - Aucamville