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Peter Pitout is a Franco / South African artist.

Born in South Africa in 1977.  

He spent his childhood years, in the City of Durban. 

The coastal city would have a long lasting impact on his work.

Influencing his palette - 

Impregnated by the colours of the african landscape, and of the Indian ocean.

Influencing his primary subjects - 

The human form and identity.


Pitout obtained his Diploma in Industrial Art & Design in 1993.

It was during this period that began the lifelong relationship with oil painting.

He moved to London, UK in 1995.

After a decade in London experimenting in different subjects & mediums,

oil painting remained central to his creative process.

The complexies of  identity abroad, solidified his choice, of the human form and identity, as his principle subjects.

In 2003 he moved to the south of France.

In 2006 he obtained his Professional Qualification in Silkscreen Printing via the Greta - Toulouse, France.

Peter Pitout is currently working from his studio in Blagnac, south of France

Expositions / Residence


08/2020 CIRCLE Foundation for the Arts - CFA Affiliate Artist  

07/2020 TAKT Art Residency , Berlin 

10/2019 Y.I.A Paris Cotemporary Art Show, Paris 

09/2019 Residence Back to Basics, Arteles Creative Centre

03/2019 Galerie Terrain Vague, C'est beau a Voir ?


10/2018 Galerie du Vache Noire, Paris

11/2018 Park&Suite, Blagnac


2014-Present Musee du Blason, Saint Bertrand des Comminges

2014 Espace Germaine Chaumel, Blagnac


2013 Semaine des Arts, Aucamville


2012 L'Estaminet - Toulouse

2012 Galerie des Carmes  -Toulouse


2011 Semaine des Arts - Aucamville


2010 Semaine des Arts - Aucamville

2010 Next Galerie d'Art - Toulouse

2010 Galerie Artmonti - Paris


2009 Artistes de demain - Touquet

2009 L'Ombre des  Arts - Aucamville

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